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Support Fund

Helping our RVEHSA community

Introducing the “Support Fund”, an initiative by the Royal Vale Elementary Home & School Association (RVEHSA) to help elementary school families within our Royal Vale community.

Please join us in this noble endeavor.
We welcome all donations ❤️

Rooted in the belief of community support and inclusivity, this fund endeavors to assist families in need of ongoing or temporary assistance, by facilitating their access to our After School Programs and Enrichment Programs.


RVEHSA are committed to providing all the elementary students of RVS access to resources that will help them thrive academically, socially and emotionally.


We recognize the important role that the RVEHSA programs play in supporting working families, and also that education extends beyond the classroom walls. Every child deserves the opportunity to explore, learn and grow by having the chance to participate in RVEHSA’s various programs regardless of economic barriers.  Under the umbrella of the “Support Fund”, families facing financial constraints can apply to enroll their child in the After School Program or Enrichment Programs at subsidized rates. 


Support funds are sustained by the generous backing of corporate donors and our school community through school-wide fundraisers and donations. The amount and nature of support fluctuate annually and are contingent upon the number of requests received by the Support Fund each year.​

1. Complete the survey

To access the support provided by the fund, families can begin the application process by completing a simple Google Form [form will be live June 2024]. Upon submission, our Treasurer will contact you to schedule a confidential interview.

3.  Anonymous internal review

Following the meeting the Treasurer will review the situation along with the funds available and present a recommendation  on the proposed allocation of funds. This is done anonymously to the RVEHSA Executive team. This process respects the privacy of each applicant, while keeping in mind the unique circumstances of every family.

2. Meet with Treasurer

The RVEHSA Treasurer will contact the person who filled out the form to schedule a confidential meeting. This meeting serves as the opportunity to better understand how RVEHSA can support the needs of the applicants' family.

4. Follow up on Funding

The applicant will be informed of the amount of funds credited for the programs and the steps to use the funds will be provided at that time. 

If you’d like more information about this Support Fund, please reach out to us.

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